Traditional Turkish Hammam and Towels

During history, people had satisfied their need of being clean in different ways.  Adopting a sedentary life, different civilizations had built public bathing buildings called hammams. Most especially, Roman and Turkish civilizations had attached importance to construction of hammams. Attaching great importance to being clean because of their religious beliefs, Ottoman and Seljuq Empires had built many hammams in the Anatolian Territory.

Coming to exist as the first clothing in the history, peshtemal has a highly-absorbent and quick drying texture. Realizing how useful peshtemal is, Turkish people started using peshtemals in hammams to dry themselves. In a short span of time, peshtemal, also known as hammam towel, became irreplaceable in people’s lives. Women started to use hammam towel as apron, craftsmen also used it while working. Royal family, and nobles used garnished hammam towels. Farmers and workers used them in fields. Apprentices were given peshtemal as a symbol of becoming craftsmen.

Being loved by the Turks, hammam towels became a cultural and historical element in Turkish history. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of hammam towels, main objective is to maintain this culture. We use the highest quality raw material to manufacture the most comfortable, durable and absorbent hammam towels.

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